Let’s see a typical case. This is the Typical Conference.

A typical conference has some elements like: Speaker,  Attendees, Slides, Stage, Venue and  sometimes… Sponsors.

But also, includes some behaviours, and I would like to focus on Attendees behaviour.

I have seen attendees taking notes about a presentation, but actually and which is more interesting, they take pictures of the content! Sometimes of every single slide. Attendees love content! They love to keep a copy of the presentation. They ask for it, they download it and they share it !!

Shiatzu leverages that behaviour, but instead of keeping a copy of a moment, we recognize and deliver content like slides, apps, evaluation forms, etc.

Shiatzu it’s the evolution of Shazam. A Shazam for digital content delivery in a conference setting

It connects the audience with speakers through content.


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